15 thoughts on “(OC) first date

  1. Damn, putting an entire panel dedicated to your Twitter with a comic this lazy. No variation in the characters between the panels at all except their position, and a solid blue background.

  2. I pulled off the Mormon version of this once. I was a freshman in college, asked a girl on a date, went to her house to pick her up, and chatted with her dad for a bit. He jokingly asked to see my temple recommend (a little card that basically says you’ve followed all the rules and are worthy to go to the temple). The trouble is, I wasn’t worthy, and didn’t have a recommend, so I bluffed it. In a very sarcastic tone, I said “Well if you insist…” while I reached into my pocket. He backpedaled and reassured me he was just joking and that he didn’t question my worthiness. Had a lovely date (and several more after that) before deciding that we weren’t an item. Left the church about a year after that and never looked back.

  3. I am not sure if it’s true or not but my history teacher told us a similar story. When he went to pick up his then girlfriend (soon to be wife) the father told him to be home by 11. He replied no problem sir I will have her home by 11 AM. That cracked up the father and they got along really well after that.

  4. Why is he telling the other person when his daughter should be home? Tell the daughter that.

    And don’t assume the other person wants your daddy dick.

  5. Wait, the date is a guy? It looks like 2 lesbians.

    I really like the joke. But it should have been more clear that it was a guy. And it should have been more clear who was talking to who.

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