28 thoughts on “[OC] It’s Christmas time :(

  1. I have friends- lots of them- that put up their Christmas decor Nov 1. I have my Halloween stuff put up, but fall decor out til Thanksgiving. Then the day after I’ll try to switch into Christmas season overload.

    I swear rushing through the holidays makes things worse! It ruins the WHOLE month of Thankfulness.

    The entire month of November I journal about something different I am thankful for each day. Christmas is NOT murdering my November

  2. it’s not fucking Christmas time until the day after Thanksgiving people. I don’t understand this. This was known when I was growing up and then all of a sudden this is the first year I’m seeing people say that Christmas time begins after Halloween. What in the ever-loving fuck?

  3. Tbh Christmas just isn’t the same anymore. Like the whole vibe was ruined by corporate greed, insanely aggressive marketing, and Mariah Carey

  4. Btw this would work better if the pumpkin leaves, the turkey pops up but then the Christmas tree stabs right through him

  5. I became the grinch because I can’t stand Christmas anymore. Hearing the songs in the grocery store for 2+ months in a row kills me.

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