25 thoughts on “older jurassic park movies were better …. whats your opinion ???

  1. I’m pretty sure Dr. Wong was poking at the fourth wall with his comment “you didn’t ask for reality, you asked for more teeth.”

    General audiences tend to care more about bigger scarier monsters than their plots and fake-science making any sense at all.

  2. IMO, after the original, the rest were pointless. Often (not always) the case with big money franchises. The sequels add very little.

  3. I feel like this franchise above all the rest is one that gets more and more preposterous as the series goes on. How many people have to get eaten before the leaders of the world say “Nah bro” and shut this shit down to the general public? World glorifying Park and it’s “OG tech, those dinos were so cool” doesn’t make any sense either. It failed before even day one.

  4. As soon as I heard the whistling I knew what was going to happen, and it made me happy. Enough internet for today because don’t feel it’ll get any better than this

  5. It’s whatever, they are entertaining movies on their own. Also I don’t think jurassic park 3 was better then the fourth or 5th one.

  6. Personally i like the idea behind the new movies, seeing what modern day would do with monetizing and make a profit off them is a interesting concept.

    The old always has a spot in my heart. But i liked what they were trying to achieve. Just they didn’t do the best job and relied on old hits instead of trying to be new.

  7. To me the draw is the island setting. They get stranded with hungry dinos. The new movies set on the mainland ruins it for me. Trex? Ok drive 6 hours away and get some drive thru. You made it.

  8. We watch the original fairly regularly in my house and I think it is only just starting to feel a little dated. It has held up incredibly well over 25+ years.

  9. No one mentioned the original t rex was real? And broke in the rain? And If I remember correctly a guy had to crawl out of the mouth because he got stuck trying to work the huge thing?

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