45 thoughts on “Pray for us retail Workers

  1. LOL, if you’re old enough. You remember when the Mariah Carey song was a welcome change from the regular old really old Christmas music.


    I guess it really is true, that if you’re the hero long enough, you eventually become the villain.

  2. It took me a minute to get this…I still haven’t been infected by the realization that Christmas is coming. I was going to ask what relevance Mariah Carey has to the current month of apocalypse bingo, but I get it now. Which horseman does she represent at this point? I’ve lost count.

  3. As a retail worker, I don’t hate it as much as Taylor Swifts’s christmas songs..

    Always have the Wham! Original as a palate cleanser in every hour in the playlist too

  4. There is such a thing as Christmas fatigue. Which is why I try to delay Christmas from my house until after Thanksgiving. Cheapens the feeling if you experience it too early imo.

  5. Words cannot accurately describe how much I hate that song. I’m not generally a fan of Christmas music to begin with but retail killed the little bit of nostalgic affection I had left.

  6. Christmas needs to stay in December and give time for Thanksgiving. Fuck every single Christmas song and that one radio station that starts playing that music nonstop.

  7. All I want for Christmaaaaas…. is not hearing this f… song again in my life.
    It changes me from 0 to bitch in a matter of seconds.

  8. I’ve done retail. Mariah is up there with the Pointer Sisters’ rendition of “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town”, Jessica Simpson’s foray into Christmas music, and the Christmas catalog of American Idol. The second year I did retail, they played instrumental music as well from Charlie Brown Christmas, which for me, was a godsend.

  9. I’m just now getting off work and holy shit I didn’t expect this to blow up. Thank y’all and thank y’all for the rewards.

  10. if we forced dolphins in captivity to listen to the same 20 songs, 8 hours a day, we’d be in jail and there’d be a law about not mistreating dolphins.

  11. Not gonna lie, “All I Want for Christmas” is my favorite Christmas song. I’ll listen to any version and won’t get tired of it. There are plenty of other Christmas songs that’ll make me want to break the glass on a microwave just so I can shove my head through and turn it on.

  12. I am lookforward to hearing all the christmas songs to be honest, at least something that makes me remember better times.

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