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  1. I live in a small town and got rid of my car about 12 years ago. I realized that if I just rented a car for the rare times in a year I went out of town, and just rode my bicycle the mile to work, I’d save a bundle. The change to my financial landscape was insane.

  2. Could be worse, could’ve bought a Jeep.

    Seriously, I think they are selling new 2-door Wranglers for up to $60k these days and that’s before people add on the mods to make it an angry Jeep.

  3. One of my coworkers at USPS just traded in his year-old Nissan Titan for a tiny compact Nissan hatchback (don’t know the name of the car) and I was kind of proud of the kid for realizing his mistake and going with something more practical despite taking the hit on the truck. There will come a time a few years down the road when he’s higher on the wage scale that he’ll be able to afford a big truck like he wants, but the past few months he’s complained that the truck took up a quarter of his take home pay between payment and insurance.

  4. Ford’s are some of the most affordable trucks, sure the shitty block lift and tires are a few grand but I’m sure this is not a real off-road suspension. What was the financial mistake part that’s so over the top you had to make it a whole back window sticker? Is this person 20?

  5. Several trucks here in the Nashville area with similar decals – all say Financial Mistake. They started popping up two or three weeks ago.

  6. accurate. I don’t understand how these big jacked trucks made to sound loud and look cool but perform worse in terms of actually doing what they’re originally made to do are something people invest in. its like buying a tesla and putting an engine in it. that and if you even start one up past 8pm its just annoying, you’ve essentially made it a tipping hazard above 40mph, a gas guzzler by putting huge ass wheels on it, and cut its operable life span in half. that and nobodies impression on people who own these is like ‘wow what a badass they’ve got a big bad truck.’ its more like ‘wow they had to put themselves in debt to boost their self confidence and adversely effect their reputation, would hate to have to drive behind that thing on the freeway.’
    I mean seriously what its the appeal behind these things, they aren’t even that cool and half of them haven’t even touched a gravel road, towed anything, or been in the conditions to require that kind of ride hight. I can understand people who modify their trucks to go off road for a legitimate reason and that’s their hobbie or job. but theirs no reason to be driving a grave digger in the middle of downtown LA or Portland. not everyone enjoys getting dizzy from carbon monoxide poisoning for having to sit around one of those things at a light.

  7. Where can I buy a bunch of these stickers at once? I have a few neighbors whose cars need them… and at least one of their wives…

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