43 thoughts on “Relocating Home Depot Halloween decorations.

  1. We had that doll at my work this year. For the month of October we would hide it on each other all over the place. It moves and sings that “na na na na na” things kids do. I full on almost peed when I walked into the back room one night, but then left it for the next person who did pee themselves. 4/5 would recommend

  2. When I was a teenager, we used to rearrange store displays in funny ways. My favourite is mannequins with articulated fingers, middle finger up. Thinking about it, I still do this sometime, guess I never grow up.

  3. Last year I worked in Appliances and I put the scary girl inside the stacked dryers to scare everyone who opened the doors 😈

  4. The truly scary part of this image for me is seeing the ratty return boxes. I’ve served too much time in a big box plumbing department.

  5. My mom had a new boss at Home Depot that was deathly afraid of snakes the first thing they did to get him comfy at his new job was scare the shit out of him by handing him a box they said had snake eggs in it, and when he peaked in the lid he heard the fake rattle of a snake and my mom said he almost climbed up the wall to get away from it.

  6. I would watch for customers that see it, then when they are out if sight from the doll move it in thier path agian. Repeat for profit.

    Never put it in the same location twice. If a customer doubles back to see it gone only adds to the humor.

  7. Damn your home depot is a good emptier than mine, I’m basically running around people the whole time I’m there, you won’t find an empty aisle.

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