38 thoughts on “Rise up against our oppressors!!!

  1. Went and watched ghostbusters at the drive in last night. Good to see they were able to fix the place up after that dickless idiot from the EPA shut down the containment grid.

  2. I grew up loving Ghostbusters. Watched the movies a million times, watched the cartoon whenever it was on, had the toys, including the fire station. I had a GB uniform when I was 4 or 5.

    Still, though, I did not expect to tear up and almost start crying when I found the station. Things like that just sneak up on you when you get older. I had the same reaction when I saw the Van Goghs at the National Gallery in London.

  3. I literally grow up on Ghostbusters the movie, cartoon, toys and video games (commodore 64 Ghostbusters) and I’m ashamed that I didn’t get this right away.

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