34 thoughts on “Signs of the end. we broke a nokia.

  1. I thought it was the 3310 that is the indestructible one? I remember upgrading to a 3410, got home from school one day, chucked it on the bed but it bounced off, hit the wall and cracked the screen. Went back to the 3330 I had, which I liked more anyway.

  2. You thought the crack is in the screen but the truth is simpler than that, the crack is in our universe between the glass and the screen.

  3. I remember when my freind threw his Nokia at a piano. Hole right through the piano and the Nokia was almost perfectly fine, the back covering just came off

  4. Wrong Nokia. The 3310 was indestructible and this is not it. This is the newer model after they got cheap. OP is clueless.

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