24 thoughts on “So precious

  1. In all fairness most cats actively try not to bite hard. My cat has never bitten me hard enough to to leave a mark, much less break skin, but seeing how she plays with her toys she can definitely do some damage. It’s mostly just love bites from overstimulation when petting.

  2. Is this the new trend? Taking old videos, muting the sound, and adding a small audio clip from whatever is popular on TikTok?

  3. Yeah don’t mess around with tortoise shell cats. He asked to be bitten here and got clear warning. He clearly is shoving the cat. He could of been sensible about it. He could of moved his leg away from the cat. Like a normal human.

    I know how to behave with my two and I’m treated like leader of the pack. But I wasn’t crazy and I got a tux and a tabby. Much friendlier cats.

  4. my cat looks exactly like this and does the same thing. i’d be really questioning my reality if i owned those socks.

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