38 thoughts on “Spa Day

  1. I thought the bear was saying he got really big, and I was confused, thinking maybe “boner”, but the lady isn’t very attractive so wasn’t sure what was up. The comments cleared it up for me though so I’m not confused anymore.

  2. I thought that making yourself look big only worked on mountain lions. I heard you play dead for bears since they’re not afraid of anything.

  3. I don’t know why but I read “I don’t know! “”I”” Just got really big all of a sudden!” on the forth panel and I’m not alone, others are reading it the same way. What is going on? Are we all just perverts?

  4. If it’s black(some black bears are brown, but all are shorter then “brown bears”) fight back.

    If it’s brown, lay down.

    If it’s white… say goodnight.

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