23 thoughts on “Stop it Seagulls

  1. This was in the comments section. I choose to believe it’s true.

    “When I first met my husband I had never heard of this video. I knew Bad Lip Reading, but not Seagulls (Stop it Now). He was so excited to share it with me – mind you, we had literally just met each other the day before. He curled up on the sofa with me to watch it and I think we may have watched it three times over the course of a day and a half. I started joke poking his knees. It then occured to me that “poke your knees” and “I love you” have the same syllable count. the next day we were dating. Those first two weeks we CONSTANTLY referenced this song. When he went back to Canada I texted him “Poke your knees” and he realized what I was actually saying was “I love you.” the called me up one day all irate because he had come to a realization: Seagulls was out “song!” this godamn jewel of inernet comedy had managed to do what no song had ever done on any relationship either of us had ever been in had done before: it had inspired romantic sentiment in each of us. Simply hearing it made each of us go all soft thinking of the other. I was irate about this as well. We accepted it pretty quickly though, because it is a fun song. Fast forward to July 2020 and the two of us were getting married. while putting together the ceremony we had to figure out what song to have our first dance to. The answer was obvious: Seagulls. that’s it. that’s both the punchline and LITERALLY what happened. I danced to Seagulls at my own wedding and it was the most meaningful dance of my life.”

  2. Love this song so much. Whenever we take a vacation to the beach I always play it when we get near. If I don’t then the kids ask for it until I play it!

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