37 thoughts on “Surprise Romance…

  1. I’m confused, why is there a ring up his ass? And why does he look confused in the last panel? Isnt the joke that he wanted to ask her? Why else would the ring be up his ass?

  2. This makes no sense and seems to be a different spin on the joke about the proctologist doing the exam and the guy askes him to please take his ring off and the proctologist says “ring? that’s my watch buddy”.

  3. She holds up one finger like that’s all she is going to use and next thing you know her whole glove is wet to the base

  4. I get what the last panel was going for, but it would’ve been funnier if he didn’t look surprised. I guess he was getting fingered by somebody wearing an engagement ring, but it’s just not a common enough thing for guys to get fingered in the ass for the joke to land without having to think about how a damn engagement ring got in his ass without him putting it there. Would’ve been better if he’d actually intended to propose to her.

  5. Wait… that first panel seems to indicate index first – not cartoon-birdie-first! How in the….
    (also nice touch with the drips on that glove *shudder*)

  6. Wow this was so poorly done. Why the hell is he confused? Does he not know theres a ring up his butt? It’d be pretty damn hard to not notice a ring in your ass.

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