19 thoughts on “take as much as you can

  1. Still better than humans if the same situation happened. I remember a few years ago my city made a giant cake to celebrate the 500 yeara of the creation of the city and the cake was big enough for a piece for each person watching the celebration, instead people went like disgusting pieces of shit getting multiple pieces and dropping most of the cake in the floor. At the end only half the people got cake and the the rest of the cake was on the floor.
    It was disgusting

    (it wasn’t an actual giant cake, it was dozens of cakes side by side to make it look like a giant cake)

  2. Saw first hand what a riot in my downtown area looked like.

    Looked an awful lot like this.

    Mad dash, scrambling over each other trying to steal shoes and consumer electronics.

    But a little worse.

    None of these little guys set anything on fire or attacked each other.

    Also notice the box is completely unharmed.

    Not so of my downtown.

    VERY similar energy though…

  3. This reminds me of marine corps boot camp. At the end of the chow hall line was a table full of bread. Didn’t matter what was being served, it went between bread and you ate it fast.

  4. Okay, so this is super chaotic, but if you actually look, only the last monkey is a greedy chunked. Most of the monkeys take one or two pieces, except for the mama monkey who took three. I think humans could learn a lot from this.

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