36 thoughts on “Ten minutes later…

  1. It’s all fun and games until you realize the burner you turned on has a pyrex loaf pan on it, and in trying not to panic you put on oven gloves and pry it off the burner, it’s melted on there, and not a moment before you set the glass pan down, it explodes in your hands into a million tiny cube type pieces. No shit this happened to me. Not a piece touched my skin. I was fresh out of the shower and had a towel on. I burst out into tears like a small child out of shock lol
    I was lucky that morning.

  2. Moving to a place with a gas range was a game changer for me, after growing up with electric stoves and coils. You know right away which burner is going, and how big the flame is.

  3. Kinda embarrassing the amount of times this has happened. Or I once tried to cook Ramen in the microwave minus the water. Do not recommend.

  4. Yes, the kettle, the dryer (never push start), the iron, the oven (have to push start dammit), the curling iron…my world is like Groundhog Day.

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