8 thoughts on “Thanks Covid! No Trick o’ Treaters! Epic milkshake trials!

  1. Milkshake Trials? Does this imply multiple variations of milkshake and a judging criteria? I like the sound of it and might want to conduct my own trials for science

  2. I would love to hear anyone’s milkshakes and any variation. My youngest boy who I was doing this with wanted to add Skittles to the Twix and Kk. I drew the line off creativity there.

  3. I’m a stickler for the classic. Three scoops of vanilla, homemade hotduge until I can’t see white, little bit of malt and let her rip till smooth.

  4. You know why I’m posting this at 1 am? Because no tricker treaters came by this year and I have epic milkshakes to drink. I feel like death, but no regrets, it was delicious.

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