36 thoughts on “That VR Experience

  1. I never used these before but how is it that people are not able to remember that whatever they’re looking at it’s not real life and they’re just sitting in a chair?

  2. I have to assume he is high af. Enjoying an experience as much as you can is one thing, but losing all sense of self awareness that easily makes me uneasy. How could he be so sucked into it?

  3. I wore an HTC vice at my school ones and I was in an elevator. To start the game I had to go up to the top of the tower, and then jump out if the window in Santa’s waiting sleigh.

    No. Way. In. Hell that I dared that! Classmates who wanted to try to where like ‘ I know we’ll push her!’ and I hid behind a pole.

    The virtual one.

  4. Why the hell is that kid sitting there in his underwear? Usually that behavior is acceptable if they are mentally handicapped and don’t understand how tacky it is.

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