48 thoughts on “The Dutch police departement have started reconstructing last week’s train accident.

  1. When I first saw that pic, I thought it was just a weird art piece. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that it was an actual train accident.

  2. I can imagine a whole group of officers standing around this with their notepads out. “Right ladies and gentleman, this is the situation”

  3. Can tell you’re Dutch (not that there’s anything wrong with that). In English, there’s no ‘e’ in depart{e}ment!

  4. We had a petition here to keep it there as a new sort of improvised art piece. Since it’s kind of the same cool thing like that hole in your wall where your friend Donny tried to do a spin kick when he was drunk and now you always have a good story to tell in your kitchen.

    But they took it down already. So sad.

  5. For people not understanding this. There was a train that crashed through the barrier and exactly landed on a sculpture that is called: “Saved by the whale”. If you want a picture search:”trein land op walvis beeld” in google and click images.

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