27 thoughts on “There goes their screen time..

  1. I’ve had this exact same issue… whenever I’m not busy, my kids are happy to run around, entertain themselves, and do as they please. But the second I’m in a goddamn zoom meeting, my kids are sooo interested in what’s going on behind that closed door with the “do not disturb, in meeting” sign. I realize that while the sign is meant to ward them off, they’re kids, so it does the exact opposite.

    One time my youngest kid barged in for the 4th time in one meeting, and I saw red. I was so fed up. I picked her up and put her in the garbage can. I have a pretty large garbage bin in my office, it’s about 4 feet tall, so my daughter fit in perfectly. I just picked her up and threw her in there. I didn’t really think about it, I was just so mad I threw her in the trash. Yeah, well… my video was on…

    Thankfully, everybody in the office thought it was pretty funny. I was extremely embarrassed and thought I was going to get in trouble for throwing my daughter in the trash.

  2. I wish I had a room like this to try to work in, so I could put up a sign that wouldn’t actually work.

    But on day 224 tomorrow I’ll still be working on the kitchen table.

  3. i wish the sign worked for me. its great when im open mic and my kid runs in screaming bloody murder because mommy didn’t let him try to kill himself with something sharp.

  4. “Are you winning, dad?”

    No, really, is that door in the 4th dimension or is the poster on the wrong side? My brain hurts.

    edit: I see now. my brain thought the poster was centered…

  5. It took me embarrassingly long to figure out what 10-28-20 could possibly mean.
    I’m too Scandinavian for this stuff.

  6. As someone who recently experienced a blood boiling-wailing banshee of a tantrum from my four year old about ***checks notes*** having to wear socks!?! While sat in the threshold of my office door, as I was presenting to 188 people via video call… I feel this poor mans pain.

  7. They’re going to have a hard time completing virtual learning without screen time. Check mate dad! I bug you and get 2 days off school.

  8. I would want that on my dad’s door instead of knocking and hearing my dad say “FUCK OFF”

    (I’m not salty I’m just saying it happens)

  9. Dad can I eat all the chocolate?
    Unless you’re bleeding it’s fine.

    Dad Jessica fell down the stairs and she’s not moving…
    Pieces of fruit!

  10. My 7 years old son is perfectly fine by himself, playing Roblox or watching YouTube weirdos.

    However, whenever I have a Skype with my bosses, that ability suddenly vanish and he needs my assistance in whatever activity he’s embroiled in.

  11. Losing screen time is an empty threat, it’s as useful to keep the kids entertained for the adults as it is for the kids.

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