44 thoughts on “This has become a daily occurrence . He’s fine…he just sees the grass shaking in the wind and has to go for it

  1. Cats eat grass to make themselves throw up. Grooming themselves with their tongue leads them to swallow their own fur, and getting it out of their digestive tract sometimes necessitates eating grass. It’s perfectly normal for a cat to nibble on some grass and then later have a violent vomiting fit in which her whole body shakes like she’s convulsing. When my cat did it I panicked and rushed her to the vet but they’re built to do that so no harm done.

  2. Don’t dogs eat grass when they have a problem with their stomach? It’s meant to make them vomit to get rid of what ever is making them feel bad. I could be wrong… most likely am lol

  3. My OG pup eats grass for the shit of it and doesn’t get sick. He taught my youngblood pup to do it, who very much gets sick. Will look outside and see them both eating grass and reanact your post daily

  4. Idk why but at our old house we would just let our very homebody cat out for this. She would love to be ten feet from the house to make weird noises and chomp on grass.

  5. Just FYI dogs may eat grass if their stomach is upset but some eat it out of enjoyment. Wolves and wild dogs also do this. Some dogs don’t throw up when they eat it too.

  6. Get him cat grass for indoors. For my kitty he overeats because he knows he’s not supposed to eat it and tries to get as much down as possible before I find out and stop him. But we got him cat grass for a while and we’d bring it out for small amounts of time each day so it controls his eating. Idk worked for us but I killed the grass over the summer (I have the opposite of a green thumb) so now he’s back to scarfing down grass when he gets garden time

  7. Try giving him a little bit of butter now and then. My vet told me it’s way better than the treats you can buy and will help transporting swallowed fur to the other end. My cats still ate a bit of grass I was offering them at home but they didn’t vom nearly as much or in those quantities. Not too much butter of course or else they’ll get other problems.

  8. My idiot dog (whom I live dearly) grabbed a huge chunk freshly laid sod from someone’s front yard on a walk today, ruining a small section of it

  9. The infamous nom n’ vom. My cat did this too. Turns out after seeing several vets and having expensive lab work done, he was diagnosed as being incurably stupid.

  10. Yes both cats and dogs eat grass to make their stomachs feel better. They are likely allergic to whatever food you feed them. Need to take the pet to a vet, ASAP if vomiting daily, there is a dehydration risk that could result in death after a couple days

  11. I bought my cat cat grass and he is obsessed with it and cries when he can’t have it but he can see it. But the last time I let him have it himself, he ate too much and threw up.

  12. Honestly, I think animals eat grass intuitively to use it like ipecac syrup; as an emetic. I think there’s a kind of ancestral memory of sorts, that drives them to eat grass when they feel some uneasiness in their stomachs.

  13. My dumb fucking cat would go out, eat the grass, run inside and oontz, oontz while fucking running around and leaving a trail of puke. Sure miss him though.

  14. Oontz is my cats nickname. I did not intend to name her after the sound of upchucking, I just wanted to make her name sound like a beat :p Her actual name is Oona.

  15. And every single time it ends up either on the bed or on the carpet. My carpet covers 20% of my house but cops 100% of any vomit.

  16. My boy only eats grass when the kids feed him stupid stuff like waffles or other sugary foods. He doesn’t do well with sugar, so he’ll go chow down on some grass until it comes back up.

    I’ve made a conscious effort to identify and tackle any poisonous plants in my yard so that he wont accidentally nom something dangerous but the vet says he’s fine, and just keep telling the kids that he can’t have table scraps.

  17. Oh my days! Oontz Oontz! Oh bless your heart, I will forever hear that in my head everytime my cat or dog yaks grass, you my dear are a national treasure, keep up the good work 👏 🏆 🎉

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