28 thoughts on “Took the wrong exit in Austin and look what I ran into!

  1. doc died after catching covid from a patient after trump re-routed the PPE from the clinic to a donors corporation for resale to the highest bidder

    dopey became an anti-masker, got infected, and passed it on to happy, grumpy, and sleepy. All are on ventilators and not expected to survive.

    Bashful is still in quarantine, and will likely be the only one left when the smoke finally clears.

  2. If you want the best breakfast burrito you’ve ever had, hit up con madres food truck. I do a social ride to there every week and it’s by far the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever eaten! Just beware, let it cool a tad first because the the whole thing is like a lava rock that’s still molten.

  3. I’ve been up for weeks with this cold! I’m a grumpy sleepy sneezy doc. If I find a cure I’ll be a happy sleepy doc. If I don’t I’ll be a dopey grumpy sleepy sneezy doc. Maybe they’ll give me a medal? Then I’ll be a bashful happy doc.

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