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  1. I really, really, really need to see the next picture taken. Where they’re a little closer, but looking around like everything’s normal and that they’re not sneaking up on you.

  2. Yes. Totally believable that they didn’t know as the main subject of the photo was perfectly placed to the side to feature the secondary subjects, angled towards them to not suggest knowledge of their presence. Ah yes, he simply wanted a photo with the trashcan.

  3. Four lions in a resting pose near humans. Why would they choose to do that?

    Why did the picture not catch then in a stalking pose?

    What happened after the picture?
    Pots & pans banging to drive them off?

    If l were in the picture I would title it Freaked Out Tourists.

  4. We have a lot of deer in my city, and sometimes the cougars will come wondering in after them, especially right now, since everybody’s staying home more because of Covid, so there are fewer cars and dogs around to spook them. I work late and so I’m often out walking alone at night, was going down an unlit patch of wooded-over street near a pond and a golf course, when this bush starts shaking and snarling at me.

  5. They knew about the lions, that is why they were taking the picture. Man, the amount of fake stuff that people believe is unreal.

  6. Those look like either spotted hyenas or wild dogs. If they are, they are most likely pets. If you notice, they are just laying around. They would definitely be in a stalking pose if they were hunting.

    At least I assume this being as I have no experience or expertise in the matter.

  7. I think that the first time this photo circulated the interwebz has to be 20 years ago. That’s when I first saw it anyway.

  8. Well this basically how we turned wolves into dogs. A few more generations and those lions will be wearing cute outfits, and sleeping in a bed in someone’s home :-/

  9. Well that’s terrifying.

    No wonder it gives me chills when my cat Mister Snails silently lurks outside my bedroom at night, where all I can see through the darkness is the murderous glint shining from his cold, unblinking demon eyes. So many of my ancient ancestors saw exactly the same visage in their last seconds, so now even the miniature domestic version nearly makes me shit my pants lol

  10. Drove through part of Botswana last year. I wanted to do some night sky photographing (stars, milkyway etc.), besides the wildlife. Before we went there I looked online for some inspiration, when I saw a video with a guy who went “remember you are all by yourself in the dark, looking through a lens”…

    I never took any decent night sky photos while I was there. I would use my flashlight when in the camp, and constantly saw eyes reflecting around us. Amazing country and nature though. Would love to go back.

    Good tip: Stay close to camp, and light a campfire! Also, the elephants are the most frightening creatures there… They don’t care if you are in a car or whatever.

  11. Do lions hunt at night?

    do they hunt in packs?

    Why are the lions all lying down and chilling, if they’re hunting? posing for a photo?

    theres something weird about this

  12. This is quite common on a safari. We were in Tanzania last year, the camp sites for the safaris are all out in the open. We were sitting by a fire, suddenly there was an hyena standing between the chairs of two girls in out group. Needles to say they freaked out.

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