50 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Then I will help you lose the weight to stay healthy because if I let you get fat without trying to help I’d be a bad husband.

  2. Getting fat together is not a sign of a healthy relationship. You should encourage your partner to eat well, move enough, and generally take good care of themselves, and help them to do so, and vise-versa. (Run on sentence, I know, but whatever.)

  3. This brought me both humor and anxious insecurity at the same time lol

    I have a hormone imbalance that makes it really hard for me to lose weight and maintain that loss. As a result I became really self conscious of my weight and body shape. I hate being lifted or carried and whenever anyone tried, I’d panic and scream like they were murdering me.

  4. Skinny people think that is how fat works. I assure you it is not. I’d love to roll down to places, but I still have to walk.

  5. Wife and I got fat together, now we are getting thin together. Trust me, it’s a lot easier getting fat but more fun and better for you getting thin. But it has to be your own journey too, which is why doing it together is hard. And with physical and mental health all bundled up, you gotta do it right.

  6. I feel like girls expect men to be kind.
    But they don’t do much for men.
    It’s always men who should do the sweet things. And they just get angry on every little thing.

    Yo,I should like I am ranting.

  7. Is there a rule saying every Asian drama has to have some dude carry a woman home?

    I went out with a girl who watched way too many Korean dramas. Her disappointment at my refusal to carry her home after she picked the wrong shoes and crushed her feet into a pulp one night was palpable.

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