29 thoughts on “Using someone else’s shower.

  1. You just have to prime the pump on the lower right to get >24 lbs of pressure into the secondary ballast tank and then open the port side mixer valve by turning counterclockwise 1/4 turn until the element temperature reaches 104F, then release the plunger BEFORE the starboard side accumulator reaches 35psi. Lather, rinse, repeat, and shut down in reverse order.

  2. This feels like a home for this…


    The temperature changes
    It chills me to the bone

    It makes me wish that I was
    Cleaning myself at home

    It makes me grumpy and
    Sometimes I lose hope

    The water’s hard, so I can
    never rinse the soap

    And it’s got no pressure

    The water dribbles down on me

    And it’s got no pressure

    It’s like the shower’s going pee

  3. I’ve seen this at a Frank Lloyd Wright house, it mixes the water in the tank till it gets to your preferred temp (gauge is a thermometer) and then you open the valve to the showerhead.

  4. Lived in a dorm where the hot/cold taps were reversed (single handle style). On top of that, the ‘zone’ was about a 1/2inch of rotation. Within thet 1/2 inch was everything from acceptably cool to as tolerably hot as possible. The rest of the dial was frigid or boiling water.

    Whenever friends or guests would stay over in our suite one of us would inevitably get invited in the bathroom after about 3-5 minutes of our guests being unable to find an appropriate temperature.

    It was an art form and only a few of us mastered it.

  5. Keep your eye on the meter to make sure it doesn’t exceed 60 psi, and whatever you do, DONT TURN THE BOTTOM LEFT KNOB

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