27 thoughts on “Wasn’t worth it

  1. I just paid mine off but I had to get a GF to live with me to split rent on a shitty apartment and live with basically nothing. we both lost about 25 lbs from not really eating healthy and not turning on the heat. small price to pay to be flat broke really… now to pay off the credit-debt I built up from trying to afford a life… grandma asked when we’re getting married and having kids, and I now avoid the question because we can’t tell her its not happening ever. I’m not even sure if I could afford a mortgage at this point. I hate this system…

  2. Murica and their savage capitalism. Public educacion and health? nah, these are for communist! Better to be on debt all your live and die because you cannot pay surgery, so Bezos can have another billion he will never use, USA! USA!

  3. Here’s an idea… maybe don’t take out student loans if the job you get with your degree won’t allow you to pay them back. It’s not rocket science people.

    Edit: And here come the downvotes from the people with useless degrees and mountains of debt. Not my fault you went $100k in debt for your liberal arts degree..

  4. why don’t Americans study in EU instead of the US ? i mean it’s unbelievable expensive and it not fair as well

    even the worst universities in the US cost a fortune to study in them

  5. Lol, hold up how he getting money to pay off his student loans if he retired?

    I guess those investments he put in finally paying off!

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