49 thoughts on “We always joked that our little guy looked like a Mandrake Root when he cried. Therefore, we dressed him up as one for his first Halloween!

  1. Put a warning at the bottom that says “Warning: organic time bomb. This organism can spew liquids out of any and all holes at any moment toward any unsuspecting person. Exercise extreme caution”

  2. Hey OP, the costume looks awesome! Great job on it, cute little guy you got there as well 🙂
    Dont let the other people on here get you down with their comments. You can definitely tell who is a parent and who isn’t.
    Newborns cry over 50% of the time, I’m honestly surprised you got a picture of him NOT crying! Lol. That usually only happens when they are eating or sleeping haha.
    For these idiots to assume that the little guy is crying because he’s in pain or uncomfortable is as stupid as assuming someone is dead when their just sleeping.
    I’m sure you and your SO are amazing parents and I wish you the best with your new bundle of joy 🙂

  3. This is hilarious and adorable. Please don’t mind all the “perfect parents” on here. We’re all perfect parents, in our own way, as long as we’re trying our best. You guys are killing it!

  4. It’d be co if you had the baby carrier that attaches on your chest. Build the pot with the leave and that to it. Then you could be wearing the ear muffs on all the gettup and look like your holding the pot. Then you could walk around with him. I hope this makes sense, I just woke up lol.

  5. Fun fact, real mandrake roots contain toxic psychoactive compounds which can be absorbed through the skin, hence the prohibition/warning about picking them.

  6. This is adorable and I’m disgustingly jealous of both your creativity and your baby.

    Hope you had a lovely first Halloween together.

  7. I’m imagining the kid sitting there all happy and smiling when it’s time to take the picture. How did you force the kid to cry – you monster!!

  8. Have you checked that your baby doesn’t have a tongue-tie? The cupped shape of his tongue is an indicator. Tongue-tied newborns may have difficulties with feeding primarily but also language development later on so best get that checked. x

  9. Shit parenting 101.. the state of Reddit, I saw one mom doing a TikTok video making her daughter cry for internet points and getting castigated yet this sub seems to think that calling someone out for using their child being upset for internet points is “virtue signalling”.

    I have two kids they don’t just “cry for no reason” at that age. They are new to the world they are either cold, hungry, or uncomfortable and need comfort ie. Upset stomach or gassey.

    I’ll get downvoted but this is shit parenting right here.

  10. Please be careful that the kid doesn’t catch a cold, he is not wearing a shirt. Small babies can easily catch a cold and it can be very depressing for the entire family.

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