19 thoughts on “We brought our first dog home. Our 4 cats were not impressed, here’s one.

  1. Our cat acted the same way at first. There were more than one swatting incidents.

    Now she brushes up against the one dog who will occasionally lick her face and she’ll sleep butt to butt with the other dog.

    Its so cute at treat time all three come running

  2. I had a cat that looked just like that growing up! We called her Mama Kitty and we took her and two of her sons in when they were found as strays. My dad found them while biking and came home to get a box to gather them up. He had seen her and three kittens out in a field near the woods in a nearby neighborhood. When he went back to get them, her third kitten was nowhere to be seen. 🙁 We had the rest of the family as pets for years though.

  3. My two cats HATE my new dog haha. The dog just wants want to play but they cats are having none of it. One of them doesn’t back down and will trap the dog in a room if we don’t move her lol.

  4. Awe this looks like a spitting image of my wife and I’s cat who passed away last year. I only knew her for 3 of her 12 years, but I miss her allot with her purrs and cuddles. She also looked this way when we brought home a new puppy.

  5. I have heard you should keep the dog (new animal) in a separate room for about a week so the animals can get used to each other’s smells and sounds.

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