15 thoughts on “Welcome to 14th century Europe

  1. Thing that we forget about most of history…. hygiene was nothing short of awful and plumbing was pretty much nonexistent. Couple that with food sanitation not being a thing, so digestive problems. Put all of that together. Now imagine the smell.

  2. “Dude, where have you been?”

    “A genie sent me back in time.”

    “Oh, man! Was it awesome? Did you get to have a sword?”

    “No. I had to eke out a living by tanning leather with urine.”

    “… Was it *your* urine?”

    “I think I got scurvy.”

    “Sorry, you *think*?”

    “I had to guess. The only ‘doctor’ I saw diagnosed me with ‘unbalanced humors.'”

    “Right, uh… oh, oh! Was there still *magic* back then?!”

    “They didn’t have plumbing. I have seen things you would not believe.”


    “Anyway, how was your day?”

  3. Anyone who would wish to go back to medieval times knows very little about history. This coming from a guy who would love to visit that time period but knows too much to actually wish it

  4. I’m going to Monkeys Paw this bad boy…

    *Your wish is granted. You continue to travel through time, second by second, now aware that you could time travel all along, until your inevitable demise.*

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