18 thoughts on “Word play on point

  1. I’m not sure that’s the actual translation, especially because I know zero Chinese! But whoever did the English version certainly ought to be applauded. You often see weird English in Japan (I’ve never been to China so I can’t comment on there specifically) so it is refreshing to see it done well!

  2. If my translate app is right, the Chinese part is funnier. *One small step forward is a big step forward for civilization*

  3. I’m impressed. I live in China and have seen some really funny signs in the bathrooms, but never one that has correct grammar AND is punny

  4. My grandmother had this saying in her bathroom, on a cross-stitch. As a kid I thought it was an actual piece of art.

  5. So few people actually understand what’s happening.
    It’s not the aim that’s the issue, 99.999% of males aim correctly.

    It’s the effect of the stream hitting a hard surface and breaking up into a fine, invisible mist that causes the rim to get urine on it.
    At first it’s invisible small droplets, almost like a film, and as people use it they clump together and form the small puddles you can see on the rim and around the toilet.

    The solution is either to sit down or use a urinal, where the distance traveled by the urine is not as great and hence there’s way less splashing.

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